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The year is 1695. A young girl by the name of Johanne Nilsdatter is accused of witchcraft. With her arms tied to her back she is thrown into the Djupkista Lake in the Dunderland valley. She disappears into the depths and is never seen again. In the years that follow the valley is struck by a series of inexplicable tragedies. The local population come to believe that the place has been cursed, and leave the out-of-the-way valley.

Three centuries after the final witch trial a theatre ensemble arrives in an old boy-scout camp. In the valley to stage a play about the Norwegian witch trials. But darkness descends imperceptibly on the ensemble, and one morning their star actor disappears without a trace.

The movie is inspired by true events.

Euforia Film presents


A film by Finn-Erik Rognan and Nils J. Nesse

FALL 1695

  Norway’s last witch trial.
    Johanne Nilsdatter is lowered into the
      lake ”Djupkista” (The Coffin Deep) in the
        Dunderland valley. Her body is never found.

FALL 1739

  Two adult Sami and a young girl are brutally
    murdered and buried in the Dunderland woods.
      Their bodies are never found.


  The Nazis establish several prison
    camps in the valley. Soviet and Polish
      prisoners of war come to gruesome ends.

JULY 5TH 1948

  The Dunderland Valley Accident.A bus full
     of Sami ends up in the river under strange
        circumstances. 16 of the Sami are killed.
          Several of the bodies are never found.


  A family tragedy strikes a small
    farm in the valley. Husband, wife
      and child are all found murdered.


  A 12 years old girl disappears from a
    girl-scout camp on an old farm.
      She is never found.